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Web design is the make up of a web page which determines the arrangement of elements on the screen.


The process of web design includes the planning, purposing and execution of electronic media which is displayed on a page via the internet through a web address.


The design of a web page can include images, video, interactive elements such as polls and advertisements. The content is determined by the designer to meet the goal of a specific web page.


A web page can be compared to a book and consists of different ‘chapters’ or links from which the user can access other parts of the web site.


Web designers pay close attention to their target audience when designing a web site. This is a key step in the design process. Some things to consider include: audience characteristics, information preferences, computer specifications and web experience.


Other important concepts of web design are presentation and accessibility of content. Designers develop strategies to engage and meet the audience’s needs for a web site. The web design should be that of one which engages the audience, is easy to use and keeps the user coming back to the web page.