Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Water Coolers-

UK Water Cooler Guide

The water cooler has been designed to cool and dispense fresh bottled water on demand. Most designs incorporate bottles of water usually treated in some way, placed spout-down into the dispensing machine.


The dispensing machine often offers three types of water; room temperature, hot or cooled. The dispenser has plastic cups that are used to contain the water and these are generally supplied at the same time as the bottle of water.


The size of the bottle of water used is often 18.9 litres and would be supplied by a specialist who would then remove the used bottles for recycling. The dispensing machine is often rented and the company that handles this normally deliver the cups and bottled water that is used in the machine.


There is a new type of water cooler that is seen to be taking over the sales of the standard water cooler. This water cooler is connected to the mains water supply and can be more convenient as the supply never runs out, unlike the bottled water cooler.


These coolers also offer filtered water and are checked and sanitized by trained technicians. These coolers are often cheaper than the bottled variety and provide a user friendly way of offering fresh water to staff, customers and visitors.


Many larger companies provide a water cooler as a convenient way of allowing staff to be able to get regular drinks throughout the day. The office environment often supplies machines to get tea, coffee and other hot drinks but they often charge for these drinks whereas the water is free.