Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Video Production-

UK Video Production Guide

With the ubiquity of fast-speed broadband connections not only in the UK, but across most of the Western world, the use of video to promote an organisation's products or services has escalated.


Videos used to be restricted to video tape and DVD, but now over 95% of all video is 'consumed' online. More and more business owners and managers are waking up to the advantages of using video - whether delivered online or offline - to convey information about their organisation.



Training and promotion are the two most popular uses for the vast majority of businesses. That is not say that corporate vides can't be entertaining, and indeed many viral video productions are both entertaining and humorous, whilst subtly promoting the commissioning brand.


We'll be bringing you a searchable database of video production services soon; in the meantime check out this firm - video production London - who we have used ourselves on occasion and who deliver a great service.