Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


After Dinner Speakers-

After Dinner Speakers

You have been asked to book an after dinner speaker for a corporate event. How do you know who to choose?

A good agency can help you find the most appropriate after dinner speaker, who will be the perfect match for your audience, budget and theme.


After dinner speakers come from every walk of life- from barristers to bankers, actors to army officers, celebrities to former Coal Board workers , but only the truly talented will be interesting, entertaining and funny.


They type of speaker you should hire will depend on the event. Corporate bodies tend to book motivational speakers – someone who has overcome remarkable odds, or preferably knows the secret of success. “You could pay £5-6,000 for a well-known mountaineer,” says an agency booker. And for the same price, or more, you could hire a management guru or inventor. For more informal evenings, clients can spend less and hire an after dinner speaker who is basically an entertainer with an occupational angle.


It seems that anybody who has ever done anything remarkable can earn a tidy sum sharing their stories, the range of expertise available is astonishing. “There are people who speak on a particular period in history, or about art, or biology,” says another booker.


The amount of money paid to after-dinner speakers varies hugely, usually according to the level of celebrity either within or without the circuit, and precise figures are difficult to come by.