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UK Car Finance-

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Buying a new or used car on finance means the buyer does not have to pay the full amount of the car's price straight away.


When purchasing a car from the dealer, they should receive a PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) document, revealing any faults or problems with the vehicle.


A vehicle check is recommended when purchasing any car. With UK car finance, be aware of which rate is being quoted, how much deposit is required and how long the repayment period of the loan is.


'Personal Contract Purchase' is a comparison quote, used to compare vehicle prices from different companies or dealers. Various websites and magazines can recommend the price of a particular car and provide advice about UK car finance.


Purchasing a car outright with an unsecured personal loan can be convenient. Unsecured loans are normally repayable on a monthly basis, although you can now pay some on a weekly basis at a fixed rate of interest.


By checking an individual 'Credit Scoring', the buyer can find out about their borrowing options. They are not linked to any security, such as your property, hence the use of the term unsecured. In the event of non-payment the lender is likely to sue.


Please take a look at our daily updated 'best buys table' for the latest in cheap car finance loans:



LenderIllustrative APRMonthly Payment*Credit Cost*Total Amount Repayable*
Zopa 7.9%218.15 853.54 7,853.54Apply