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Health Insurance-

UK Guide to Business Health Insurance

Health insurance companies provide health insurance to an individual for a fee. This allows the patient to obtain privatised health care. Health insurance companies will insure a patient for a certain amount of money and this if often a benefit provided by a business to employees.


This type of insurance is valuable because it helps the patient deal with medical expenses. It can also help with disability cover or long term care for aging employees.


Businesses can get discounts for insuring a large amount of employees at once and can also get advise from companies on how to provide the best health insurance care for employees.


Health insurance can help protect patients from high or unexpected healthcare expenses and companies can claim tax breaks when they offer health insurance to employees.


Health insurance is provided through a government-sponsored programme, purchased by a company or paid for privately by a person who wants private health care.


Employees typically pay a premium to use health insurance even if it is provided by a company. When claiming insurance for a hospital visit, the employee would need to pay a percentage of the cost.


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