Thu, 19 Oct, 2017




Travel can be defined in many different ways. Tourism is a form of travel, involving visiting a destination that involves staying in accommodation such as a hotel, apartment, campsite or bed and breakfast.


Other forms of travel are used to get to a particular destination such as a bus, train, aeroplane or taxi. Most people think of the term travel as a holiday or short break where the visit is usually to somewhere where there are places to visit of historical interest.


Travellers from other countries play an important part in the economy of some countries. Some destinations exist financially, purely from the proceeds of visiting travellers. This is normally known as a tourist destination.


Another form of travel is commuting. This activity is usually undertaken by those who live a certain distance from their workplace and therefore have to use public transport or their own car to get to a certain destination at a certain time.


Many people use travel to discover the world around them. A round the world trip is a popular tourist exercise that enables the traveller to experience many destinations they would not normally see on an individual basis.


Flights are now cheaper and more accessible than they have ever been before which has enabled more people to fly to a number of different destinations. The cost is often less a holiday within the UK and to this end, the cheap flight has become extremely popular.


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