Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Business Telephone Systems Guide

Your telephone system is central to your communications infrastructure.


Telephone systems, also known as PBXs, or switches, traditionally provide your business with interactive voice communications. There are also solutions to enable you to enhance these communications, with functions such as messaging, auto-attendants, call-conferencing and more.


There are many different systems to suit the requirements of your organisation, whatever its size or needs. For example:


Voice Telephone Systems - these purely deal with voice, but not data.


Converged Voice and Data Systems - which are capable of dealing with both voice and data.


IP Based Solutions - more advanced systems that can deal with voice, data and video services.


Office telephone systems can be capable of fielding many different features Ė often well over a hundred - for switching calls and directing traffic. However, it is estimated that most companies never use 90 percent of their telephone features, so it is important to research into the various options, and decide on the most appropriate system for your organisationís needs.


Although having the right features is of course important, more crucial is making sure they are easily operational. Most employees havenít the time to devote to learning how to use a complex phone system, so you should ensure that the most common features are extremely straightforward and accessible.


Below are some of the UK's popular systems suppliers: