Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Team Building-

Team Building

Staff training has evolved greatly in the last ten years. The average medium sized organisation engages in staff training on a regular basis, seeing a direct impact on productivity. Team building is a major part of a larger organisations staff strategy as it is a key element in getting the most out of a team working together.


A good example of this is the Apollo Syndrome, where the high achieving individual achieves less well than a whole team of less able staff. The twenty first century business views team work as the key to success. Many minds working together seem to produce superior results.


A team is defined as a whole group of people working together to achieve a common goal. There are many positives with this course of action as different personalities within the team can bring diverse qualities to the table making it function better than just one individual would working alone.


When a group of people are working together there are often issues with different personalities clashing or not knowing how to work together successfully. This is where team building comes in.


There are many techniques that are available to enhance team work and training programs are available to help alleviate any problems within a potentially successful group.


Team building exercises include games of trust and activities where the team has work strategically on a logical problem. The aim is for the team to use the various strengths available within the team to get to a satisfactory conclusion.


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