Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Storage Services-

UK Storage Services Guide

Storage services are offered by a business to a client. A business with storage facilities charges the client a fee and in return takes responsibility for the safe storage of the client’s product.


This product can be anything from tangible goods, such as furniture or personal effects, to digital information or paperwork. The client can be anyone from a commercial business to a school to people who are migrating.


If the storage services are ongoing – over several months or years – they are usually paid for at fixed regular intervals. If a storage company undertakes a shorter-term storage contract the bill may be payable up front or on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.


The provision of storage services usually means that the storage company offers some guarantee to the client of the safety of the products being put into storage.


Often the storerooms themselves are large warehouses in which goods are stored separately under heavy security including CCTV. There are different types of storage services; for example a client may require storage of digital materials.


Storage services are especially useful for those with little space or low security levels, who do not have the resources to store their products safely and efficiently.