Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Staff Motivation-

UK Staff Motivation Guide

Staff motivation is the concept of engaging employees with the promise of certain rewards in order to achieve a positive response. The positive response is also thought to motivate employees working in a team environment.


This motivation is practiced to produce efficiency or even boost sales in some companies. Staff motivation can take the form of bonuses, paid holidays, perks such as time off or recognition of a job well done among co-workers.


The reward is presented to the staff as a motivation for better behaviour. The goal is stated and the motivation for reaching the goal is often interpreted different ways by different employees. This is why some motivation factors work with certain staff members but not with others.


Motivation can be external to the person such as praise or money as a reward. On the other hand the reward can be intrinsic such as a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. Experts believe that more results are achieved with external rewards because employees feel they are more tangible and create a better sense of achievement.


The concept of staff motivation is used in larger companies to encourage a sense of comraderie among employees.