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Computer Software Guide-

Computer software

Computer software works to enable a computer to perform certain tasks. There are three main types of software that handle this function: system software, programming software and application software.


System software is normally supplied with the purchase of a new computer system. This software enables the core functions of the computer to work successfully. If for any reason the computer suffers a malfunction, the system software can be re-installed to enable the computer to function fully again.


Programming software is normally used by a computer programmer to design programs. The complex nature of this software requires knowledge of script and commands to enable the program to function successfully with the computers interface.


Application software is used on the computer to enable the user to complete certain tasks and activities. Accounting procedures, graphic design, letter writing and editing tasks can all be performed using application software.


Some software packages require the user to have a licence. This consists of a key code that needs to be inputted upon installation of the product. The licence key keeps the product secure and enables the software developer to avoid instances of piracy.


Most computers bought in today’s market come fully equipped with both system software and application software. It is also available to purchase computer software separately from most retail outlets.


Computer Software Guide

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