Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Social Networking-

Social Networking in the UK

Social networking is the practice of using social gatherings or forums to create professional or casual relationships. Social networking can be performed by becoming a member of a charity organisation or a player on a football team.


Social networking online sites are also becoming increasingly popular. This type of social networking uses software to bring communities of people online together. These groups are usually formed by finding a common bond between people such as a hobby.


Online social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace provide several ways for users to interact. These options include: chat rooms, messaging services, email, video, voice chat, sharing files and pictures.


On social networking sites such as those listed above the success of a user is often determined in the realm of the network by the amount of contacts or ‘friends’ he has.


Facebook and MySpace are also popular because they allow users to easily remain in contact with international friends for free. Users can also often come in contact with classmates they lost touch with years ago.


People use social networking techniques to gain friendship, business contacts and financial gains. Competent, friendly communicators are the most successful at building and maintaining social network relationships.