Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Shelving Guide

Shelving is a platform either installed onto a wall or freestanding in a home or office which provides storage or decoration.


Shelving comes in many forms and can be built-in to specifically fit a space or created to stand alone as a bookshelf with 5 platforms for books. Many Victorian style homes have built-in shelving on either side of the fireplace in a traditional lounge.


Made out of many different materials, shelving can be either quite sturdy withstanding a large amount of weight or flimsy providing only a decorative function.


Sturdy shelves are produced out of wood, marble, steel or reinforced prefabricated materials. Shelving can be ordered online or purchased from a hardware store such as B&Q.


Installing shelving can be a DIY project but for the less advanced it is advised to seek professional help especially if the shelf is needed to support a large amount of weight.


When attaching shelving to a wall, it is best to find a stud to attach it to. A stud is a main board that is inside the outer wall which provides support.