Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Recruitment Agencies-

UK Recruitment Agencies Guide

A recruitment agency helps job seekers find a job. Recruitment agencies also represent companies or industries to help find the right employee for certain roles.


For example a recruitment agent for the media industry will search for employees who have a background in media. The agent will use online search engines such as to review CVs and contact individuals who have a background that matches their spec.


A spec is a description of a job role and the person which would fit into the role.


Recruitment agencies generally make appointments for people looking for jobs to come in and meet with an agent initially. At the meeting the agent will give a description of available jobs and even set up job interviews for candidates. Following an interview the recruitment agency will follow up with the company and the interviewee to assess how the interview went.


Recruitment agencies are typically paid by a company to source the right employee for certain roles. When an agent finds someone who is successful in a role the company will often contact the same agency for help with filling other roles.


To be successful, recruitment agencies must compete with other agencies to find the best candidates.


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