Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Product Development-

Product Development

When a new product comes to the market place it has often been developed over a long period of time. Product development involves market research and extensive testing to ensure its viability before it reaches its market.


The process of product development starts with an idea. This idea is then researched to discover if there is a need for the product and who would buy it. Once this is determined, the design journey can begin.


When designing a new product, the designer needs to be aware of who the end user will be and what their needs for the product are. For example, if the product is a pushchair, there will be many factors to consider such as folding capacity, safety and durability.


Once the design has been decided, the process of pricing the product can begin. It can be compared to others in the market or if it is a completely new product, it would have to be researched in more depth by conducting extensive market research.


The testing process can begin once the product has been manufactured. Often a prototype is used for the testing process that is a basic version of the end product that is not an exact replica as testing may show up flaws that will have to be rectified.


Once the testing has been completed the final design can take place and be taken to market where it may need extensive promotion to gain awareness in the market place. The success of the product will depend heavily on the factors used in the development process such as market research, testing and price.


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