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UK Photographic Services Guide

The word photography derives from the French word photgraphie which is based on the Greek work phos or light.


Pictures are recorded through capturing light in the process known as photography. The images can be captured on film, a digital memory card and disks.


Light patterns are reflected from objects in a scene through a photographic lens in a device known as a camera.


Photography is used by businesses to capture images of products or services and copied into brochures or websites in order to educate consumers. People also widely use photography in a personal way to capture images of friends and family. More pictures are taken on family holidays and on Christmas than any other time of the year.


The quality of a photograph can be enhanced by the quality of a camera. A good photographer understands how to compose a picture, allowing the subject to be slightly off-centre.


Lighting is also of great importance in photography as the right lighting situation can enhance the colour of a scene but low lighting can essentially ruin the outcome of a photograph.


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