Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Parking Control-

UK Parking Control and Wheel Clamping Guide

One of the most effective measures to deal with illegal parking problems is wheel clamping. The industry has had its share of bad publicity over the years caused mainly by a few unscrupulous wheelclamping operators.


Fortunately, the reputation of the wheel clamping industry is now on the mend after the government’s recent introduction of a clamping licensing regime.


If you have illegal parking problems and are looking for a car park management service, make sure that the firm you are talking to is a British Parking Association member, and has fully trained operatives who have been licensed by the Security Industry Authority ( SIA ). Check that they use digital cameras to help prevent disputes. Some wheel clamping services also carry CCTV cameras with sound as an extra precautionary measure.


Wheel clamping companies can either operate on a call-out basis only, or they can provide a patrol service in addition.


You can make some useful revenue from any land you might own or be in charge of, if it is in the vicinity of a busy area, with parking demand. Maybe you are just waiting for planning approval and the land is lying idle. Think about installing a pay and display parking machine. There are several suppliers and models available, including self-powered versions using solar power.