Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Packaging Services-

UK Packaging Services Guide

Many businesses now opt to outsource their regular packaging services requirements to packaging companies.


Packaging service companies are usually more efficient at their core activity than your staff are. They will also have just about every type of packaging supply materials and boxes at hand. In some cases packaging companies are part of a larger distribution network (ie UPS), and are able to pack and deliver to your destination.


Most packaging firms have a division to deal with fragile and high value items; examples include art, antiques, electronic equipment, glass and porcelain items.


Ensure that the packaging firm you choose has the right equipment for your packaging requirements i.e. shrink wrapping, pallet handling, blanket-wrapping, custom carton creation.


If you do choose not to use a packaging service and go it alone, it is an idea to have your address and the destination address both inside and outside the outer packaging wrapper. Check with your shipper before wrapping fragile items, they may well have specific requirements for insurance to remain valid.