Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Serviced Office Search-

UK Serviced Office Search

A serviced office is a part of an existing office space that is leased to external commercial clients. Serviced office search is the process of finding an appropriate serviced office that suits the client’s requirements in terms of factors such as equipment and location.


Searching for a serviced office is essentially the process of selecting office space that suits the client. This may be done by the client itself or by an agent on the client’s behalf.


A serviced office search takes into account factors such as the compatibly of any existing businesses that use the communal office space, and indeed the scope for usage of this space, such as meeting rooms.


A serviced office is usually equipped with furniture and often some technological equipment. The space is usually rented out by the parent business that sublets the rented area.


A serviced office search is often undertaken by small start-up businesses wanting a low-risk rented office space. Existing companies setting up new branches and businesses needing temporary office space, for example, may also search for serviced offices.


A thorough serviced office search in advance of leasing can ensure that costs are kept down by selecting a suitable premises with affordable rent.