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Office Rental-

UK Office Rental Guide

Office Rental is the process of making a regular payment of rent to an owner of office space in return for using that space for commercial purposes.


This kind of lease applies only to space being used for business it is not the same as renting a living space, for example. The office space may or may not be furnished, meaning it could have furniture and office equipment such as desks, chairs and electronic goods.


Office rental is useful for small businesses that are just starting up. Renting office space has a lower risk element than taking out ownership of a property as it is more flexible and does not mean the company has full responsibility for the premises.


Rent may be payable to the owner of the premises, or to a property agent acting on their behalf. It is paid at prearranged intervals, usually monthly or quarterly.


The office rental period will be fixed before rental commences, and this period may be reviewed or renewed when it expires.


As with domestic rental, an inventory of the premises is usually taken at the beginning of the rental period. The person(s) renting the space will be expected to leave the premises in the same condition at the end of the lease period.


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