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MBA Courses-

UK Guide to MBA Courses

Choosing an MBA Programme

Business schools offer different curriculums, but they all offer courses in accounting, economics, finance, human resources and organization design, marketing, operations, policy, and quantitative methods / statistics.

To choose the most suitable MBA course, you need to consider the career, lifestyle, financial issues, and curriculum that are important to you.


Financial Impact
Your financial circumstances will often be an important factor in determining what kind of program you choose. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to maintain full-time employment?
  • Do I need to maintain part-time employment?
  • Will the company I work for sponsor my MBA education?
  • Do I need financial aid, a grant, scholarship or loan?
  • Do I need to spread the cost of the MBA out over as many years as possible to lower the total borrowing cost?

Lifestyle Factors
Don't think that embarking on an MBA course won't involve substantial lifestyle changes. Ask yourself the following questions.

Can I strike a work / life balance?

  • Can I cope with a full-time workload and full-time course load?
  • Does the school attract other people with similar interests to my own? And my experience level?
  • Do I want a 'total immersion' (learning activities outside class and my personal network) type school?
  • Do I really want to assume the responsibilities of an MBA-level position?


How does this decision affect my family?

  • To what extent will my immediate family be affected?
  • Will my family have any special needs?
  • Have I considered the effects of being located away from my family?
  • Will my partner/spouse need to relocate and look for a job?
  • What are the job opportunities like near the schools I am considering?
  • Is there a school-run support organisation to help spouses and families?

What type of MBA program suits my work style and goals?

  • Am I planning to stay with my current employers after I earn my MBA?
  • What MBA subject areas interest me most, drawing from any previous work experience in those areas?
  • Are there any idiosyncracies in my targeted industry or company that could affect my choice of program type or school?
  • Do I already have a functional or industry expertise and if so, does this need to be honed to achieve my goals?
  • Do I need an MBA to develop a functional/industry expertise? An additional expertise?

Where do I want to study?

  • Does it matter to me whether I embark on an MBA course in my home country or abroad?
  • What do I need from a location - i.e. , do I want a college town, a city, convenience and access to services, safety, a low cost of living, or other things, for example?
  • What weighting should I give to my choice of location? To what extent am I prepared to compromise my choice of MBA type to study in my location of choice?
  • Might the local business community be an advantage? A disadvantage? (Consider the school's access to local speakers, the local job market, access to local companies for class projects, etc.)

Have I considered what type of school culture is important to me?

  • Does the prevailing culture of a school provide a good fit with my personality?
  • Do I like the dominant personalities of the student body, staff, faculty, and alumni? (Keep in mind that MBA students, like all high achievers, are inherently competitive.)

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