Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Lighting Services-

UK Lighting Services Guide - Compare Lighting Services

Lighting is used to enhance the light in a room and in some cases change the mood of a space or set ambiance.


Lighting can be freestanding in a room or installed overhead depending on the preference of the user. Lighting comes in many shapes and sizes from a simple table lamp carved out of wood with a balloon shade to a massive floor lamp constructed out of stainless steel.


The lighting in a room can help to enhance the presence of a space. Three point lighting is a design technique used by interior designers where three sources of light are placed in a triangle formation in a room.


Lighting for photography and videography also uses the 3 point technique and will usually include a key light the main source of light, a back light located behind the subject and a sub light which helps to combat any shadows cast by the key light.


Green lighting is currently popular with many consumers opting to use environment friendly light bulbs. These bulbs require less power and last longer but also cost more than regular light bulbs. A power-saving light bulb can last up to 3 years before needing replacement.