Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Leased Lines-

UK Leased Lines Guide

A leased line is a dedicated telephone connection that is permanently set up between two points. Usually, leased lines are set up by telecoms carriers for businesses who need a permanent telecoms connection between offices that are some distance apart.


A leased line is always 'on' in contrast to a normal dial-up connection. Monthly charges for a leased line normally depend upon the speed of the leased line connection and the distance between the two end points.


In the UK, leased lines are also known as ‘Private Circuits’ or ‘Data Lines’. In contrast to a traditional phone-line, leased lines do not have phone-numbers, as each side of the line is permanently connected to the other.


The line is a high speed, always-available internet connection, and can be used for data, video and voice. A leased line is particularly appropriate for those who need to run high-quality, continuous access to the internet, and / or have remote workers accessing office based applications, and therefore need fast upstream speeds. They are not, however, suitable for single or home workers.


A leased line is a completely secure and reliable channel, and is dedicated uniquely to the customer.