Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Internet Access-

UK Internet Access Guide

The internet provides a valuable source of information, social activity and essential promotional opportunities. Most householders now have internet access and use it to send emails, chat, shop and look up useful information.


There are various ways to connect to the internet. The many forms of connection include; broadband, cable, satellite and wireless and will all offer metered access through a hub or switch which means the telephone line will not be occupied during use.


To gain access to the internet the computer must have a modem. If not there are places that sell external modems that will enable an internet connection. An internet service provider can advise on all types of modem required to gain a connection suitable for the needs of the user.


To have internet access the user must have an internet service provider who they pay a fee to for internet access. The various packages available normally include an email address and offer technical support. The most popular tariff is unlimited use which offers a monthly fee, avoiding a high telephone bill at the end of the month.


Gaining internet access can enable the user to do various things that without it would not be possible. Online banking is one of the most popular features as bills can be paid at any time of the day or night thus avoiding long queues at the bank.


The internet has revolutionised everyday life and enables a wide range of activities to take place that would normally involve time consuming exercises such as visits to the library or shops.