Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Health & Safety-

Health and Safety

Health and safety is vital in any business for protection against potential risks posed by activities connected to the workplace.


As a duty-holder, a business must ensure that it has robust health and safety policy and practice in place. This will help safeguard the welfare of its employees, the legal interests of the company, and will help optimise productivity.


As a business, you must establish procedures which maintain vigilance over any potential hazards, risks and their outcomes which may arise in the workplace, or as a result of any connected activities.


Risk assessment is the initial strategy utilised in risk management, and is commonly used to meet health and safety standards. Taking this step can help eliminate any hazards for employees or other individuals, and avoid unnecessary investigations, fines or liability claims.


Seeking advice from a health and safety consultant can be a prudent way of upholding appropriate standards in your business. They can offer expert technical knowledge, and provide up-to-date information on health and safety regulations and legislation.


Specialists in this sector can also provide health and safety training for businesses, which can be delivered in-house, off-site or online. Companies which have implemented effective health and safety training programmes are proven to enjoy many benefits, including greater productivity, employee loyalty, fewer injuries and claims, and even increased employee attendance.


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