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Franking Machines-

UK Franking Machine Guide - Compare Franking Machines

Time is money for every business. If you're still using stamps to send out your mail, then you're familiar with post office queues, and putting extra stamps on to 'ensure it gets there'.


Franking machines can get rather expensive and go up to around £15,000 for heavy-duty versions.


Many businesses start off by leasing their first franking machine. Most of the major franking machine manufacturers have leasing facilities available.


The advantages in leasing your franking machine are (1) you are avoiding having to pay out a large amount up front and (2) any repairs out of warranty are taken care of by the company. You can often upgrade/downgrade your franking machine in line with the size of your business and mailing requirements.


The disadvantage is that over the long term, leasing a franking machine can cost you more. At the end of the leasing period you don't always own the machine at the end. Also it is quite hard to sell a second-hand franking machine to anyone else apart from the supplier, who generally will not offer much. Donít try to buy a second-hand franking machine. Only an expert can determine the condition and it is a nightmare trying to transfer the Royal Mail license.


Click here for more information on Royal Mail licences and franking machines in general.


Remember, when you are talking to the sales representative of the franking machine company, it is often possible to negotiate prices and terms. Compare franking machine leasing agreements between companies.


Leasing a small business franking machine such as DM50 starts from around £19.95 a month. To give you an idea, this is probably OK for up to 40 mailing items a day.

Note: Until 28th February, 2011 Pitney Bowes are offering £10 of free postage for each new customer.


If your business can afford it, it is usually more cost-effective to buy a franking machine outright. Make sure you get installation, training and a good warranty included in the price. And again compare franking machines on a like-for-like basis across suppliers. Often there are specials and deals going on, as this is a competitive marketplace.


Whether you are buying or leasing your franking machine you will still need to pay for consumables. Donít forget to examine and compare running costs between franking machines. Replacement ink cartridges are the biggest costs, followed by mailing labels. Ask the franking machine supplier how many franks per cartridge you will get, and what the cost per cartridge is.



Avoid the queues, promote your company and save on unnecessary postage costs with DM50, the franking machine designed specifically for the smaller office.