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Executive Search-

Executive Search

Executive search is a form of recruitment for senior professionals within various market sectors. The activity normally takes place on behalf of a large company who has a requirement for an individual who is likely to be highly sought after within their particular field.


A headhunter is used to search for a particular individual often to replace a senior executive such as a managing director or sales director. The recruitment process is thorough and would consist of an initial screening process to find the right candidate.


A recruitment specialist who works in the field of executive search is normally very experienced and has a full and thorough understanding of many different sectors. The type of person normally recruited by an executive search firm is usually at or near the top of their profession.


Many large organisations employ executive search firms on a retained fee basis. This means that they are ready to supply sourced executives whenever the need arises as the task of finding suitable candidates is very time consuming, requiring a dedicated and trusted team.


Many executive search firms are tasked to find interim professionals who are employed by firms on a contract basis. These executives are often highly sought after individuals who can make a significant impact on the sales and growth of an organization.


The process of executive search can be lengthy, often requiring in-depth research to find high quality individuals to fit the client brief. The candidate may come from referrals or more commonly from the search team seeking them out at their existing place of work.


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