Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



Environmental Tips for Your Business

Running an environmentally friendly business will not only make you feel better, it won’t hurt your bottom line and it is actually quite easy to do.


Why not conserve resources and reduce wastage? It might even save you money.


Whether you work from home or are an employee in a large company, there are some simple ideas to help your business become greener.



1. The obvious one – recycle. Toner cartridges, paper, old PCs and other office by-products can all be picked up by councils or 3rd party companies and recycled.


2. If your printers can print on 2 sides, use this facility! If not, make a note when you next buy a printer to make sure you do get one with ‘duplex printing’.


3. On the subject of printing, think twice before printing a document. Does it really need to be printed? If it is a letter or internal memo, can it be emailed? Emailing is a fantastically environmentally way of communicating.


4. Check that your standard printer paper made from partially recycled material?


5. We haven’t finished with printers yet. Are you remembering to turn it off at night? And while you are at it, turn off the computers and other equipment not being used. Leaving them run on standby actually consumes a huge amount of energy.


6. Check that your taps are always turned off properly and that the washers / seals are in good order. You would not believe how much water is wasted each year because of dripping taps.


7. Go through your business supplier list. How green are your suppliers and their products? Look also at whether your business suppliers take away their packaging and recycle it. Think about switching to greener suppliers.


8. Use an environmentally friendly toilet. I.e. one that allows half flushes. If you don’t have one of these, make it an environmentally friendly loo by putting a couple of plastic bags of stones in the reservoir to displace the water.


9. If you are thinking about replacing your furniture, really try hard to see whether you can refurbish your existing items. This is a good green initiative, and will also save you money.


10. If you are driving to work alone, think about car sharing, taking the bus/train in or, the biggest money-saver of all, cycling in to work.