Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Emergency Services-

UK Guide to Emergency Services and Emergency Plumbers

Emergency services are provided to the public at no charge and help citizens when they are in distress. Emergency services include fire, police and ambulance providers.


Emergency services are the first to respond in a crisis and will offer help to people who need it. The necessity for emergency services could be due to an accident, a violent crime or a natural disaster involving storms.


Most emergency personnel are trained in first aid and CPR and can administer basic medical help to a person who is injured.


Fire fighters will provide emergency service when a fire is reported. The firemen typically approach a scene, assess the dangers to themselves and then find out if there are victims to be attended to. After the initial assessment the fire is analysed and a plan to fight the fire is determined and executed.


Ambulance emergency services will respond to a scene and administer medical help to victims before loading them into an ambulance and transporting them to hospital where still another team of emergency responders will help with the medical crisis.


Emergency services are paid for by the government in most cases. If health care if privatised, the victim will normally have to pay a percentage of the ambulance and emergency care. The rest is paid for by insurance.