Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Guide to Email and Email Providers

Email is a way of sending other people messages from your computer via the Internet. Email is the most widely used facility on the Internet that basically sends addressed messages over a Network. The email message normally gets there in a couple of minutes. Internet users refer to the conventional Mail system as "Snail Mail". 


For a thorough technical explanation of the origin of email, and an analysis of the structure of a typical email including the sub-elements of the header and the body, there is a comprehensive section on wikipedia.


To send and receive email you need a computer application like Outlook Express from Microsoft. For information on how to configure Outlook Express if you have purchased a POP account and domain name to give you your own unique email (i.e. please click here. If you have purchased Microsoft Office, then the 'big brother' of Outlook Express will be included as part of the suite - Microsoft Outlook. This has a few more email features, plus scheduling and task management applications.


There are a number of other very good email applications including Thunderbird, which is free and cross-platform, and Mail, which is bundled in with the Apple operating system.


Email is proving to be a useful tool for business and pleasure but in recent times the level of spam and viruses has meant it should be used with care! Spam has now reached the point where it comprises 90% of the average business user's daily emails. To avoid spam and virus emails before they reach your PC, try a filtering service like Message Cleaner.


If you want to use your own personalised email address, you need your own domain name. First check to  see whether it is available by entering it below: