Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Electrical Contractors-

UK Electrical Contractors Guide

An electrical contactor is an individual or company that works with builder to design and finish the electrical components of a job.


The contractor will be the person in charge of the job and will usually decide on all materials to be used and will be responsible for the end product.


The electrical contractor will get paid for his services and will usually have a contract with the client or builder who he is working with. The contract will detail the elements of the job including what the contractor is expected to provide and the deadline for the services.


Electrical contractors are typically professionally trained and hold a degree in electrical engineering. They must be able to complete work to a certain standard and know the codes applicable by law for the work standards.


Electrical contractors can be used on building sites to help complete the work for officers or large blocks of flats. The electricity will be run in a similar fashion in all of the properties and may also include an element of internet networking.