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Domain Registration-

UK Domain Registration and Email Services

Domain names are unique names used for identifying and locating computers on the Internet. They are part of a system called Domain Name System (DNS) which provides you with an easy-to-remember address. The DNS converts the domain name (e.g. into an Internet Protocol (IP) number (e.g. and vice versa. A domain name is simply a label that represents a domain, which is a subset of the total domain name space.

Registering a domain name on the Internet is the equivalent of registering a company name at Companies House. Once registered, no-one else can use that name. As there are many companies with similar names, it is important to register a suitable domain name for your company as soon as possible.


Registering a suitable domain name is advisable to ensure your clients can easily remember the address of information you provide on the Internet. Our web hosting company's business name is Electric Names, their domain name is, their web site and their email addresses are of the form Using domain names makes it easy for people to find you on the Internet.


Once registered and as long as the owner pays for the NIC annual administration fees the domain name can be hosted free of charge on the hosting company's servers until the name is used for either e-mail or a web site.


As a resident in a European Union country, you are also eligible to register a .eu domain. This gives many people and organisations a chance to register Europe-wide domains that they may have missed out on with, .net or .com.


You can check to see whether the domain name you have in mind is available by entering it below:

Electric Names (Tel: 0845 862 4000) are currently offering free domain registration with every web hosting account. They have been running domain registration and email services since around 1995, and are happy to discuss any individual requirements.