Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Direct Marketing-

UK Direct Marketing Guide

Direct marketing is a type of marketing. Marketing is the communication about a product or source with the means to either get a user to buy the product or support the source.


Direct marketing sends the marketing messages straight to the consumer through the post or email. Direct marketing practices also often involve telemarketing where a call centre will call the consumer directly to try and sell a product.


This type of marketing focuses on calling the consumer to action. The ‘call to action’ is the phrase marketers use to describe asking consumers for a commitment to sign up for a service or buy the product.


If the marketing device asks the consumer to take a specific action such as visiting a website then it is considered to be direct response advertising.


Other examples of direct marketing media includes: newspapers, magazines, tv, email, internet ads and billboards.


Direct marketing is popular among companies because the positive results from sources can be recorded. For example if a company sends out one thousand emails asking consumers to click on a certain website, the amount of new visits deriving from the emails can be recorded.


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