Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Data Recovery-

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the retrieval of lost data stored on a computers hard disk, CD, DVD or other media that has been erased or become corrupt.


There are many ways this can happen; a virus may have attacked the hard drive or the CD could have been stored incorrectly, therefore damaging the data contained on it.


There are a number of techniques used to enable the damaged data to be retrieved. Parts of the hard disk can be replaced but if it is still damaged a specialist disk imaging procedure would have to be used. This exercise would entail an image being taken from the hard disk in order to re-build the damaged file system and recover the affected data.


If the data was on a CD or DVD and has become corrupt, there are simple procedures available to repair the media. This would involve filling in scratches or nicks. This will often be enough to allow the data to be read successfully.


The process of data recovery requires a full and in-depth understanding of how a modern operating system stores media. In most instances data can be recovered and used again.


In almost all cases the operation should be carried out by a fully qualified technician who is trained in understanding data recovery and how modern media storage works.


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