Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Data Providers-

UK Data Providers Guide

Data providers are people or sources which provide information for a database or official record. Data providers can be reporters who work to collect news for the evening edition of the Times or can also be a feed which inputs numbers into a stock exchange monitor.


Data providers essentially submit data. Data is information or a record required by a source.


The NHS has data providers who research and collect information which is used in the UKCRN Portfolio Database. Data providers in this instance are given specific requirements for eligible research and the methods on which the data is obtained.


Data providers can also be devices used to collect information. These include weather satellites which record the temperature and potential storms in a certain radius.


Another example of data providers in the UK are CCTV cameras. These cameras are posted on street corners to monitor traffic and interactions between citizens. These images are stored and used as data for records involving crimes and traffic law violations. Often these data providers can help solve crimes when a criminal act is caught on camera.


Data providers such as download speed monitors can be downloaded onto a PC from the internet and used to clock download speeds.


Most commonly, though, the term data providers refers to companies that provide contact lists.


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