Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


CV Writing-

CV Guide - How to write a CV

A curriculum vitae or CV is also known as a resume in North America. CV writing records a personís achievements in education and employment. The paper will normally be sent to potential employers as a means to show what experience the candidate has gained in a certain job field.


CV writing is important because the CV offers others a first impression of the job candidate. The document will contain all relevant information about the candidate including contact details for setting up interviews.


A CV is usually limited to one or two pages and can come with a list of references for the employer to contact with questions about the job candidate.


The content of a CV should be listed in value of importance. The author should place emphasis on whatever he thinks is most important to the employers. The page should be easy to read with regular size font and spacing. Job candidates should have a friend or co-worker read the CV upon completion to make sure there are no typographical or grammatical errors.


CVs are organised in different ways. A chronological CV will list the candidateís job experience in chronological order. This is a popular CV writing style.