Mon, 11 Dec, 2017




In today’s fast paced market where documents have to be delivered quickly and efficiently all over the world it is often necessary to employ the services of a courier.


Couriers are distribution agents employed to deliver documents and packages all over the world. The deliveries are normally required to be with the recipient in a certain time frame and therefore the courier will have to use various methods of transporting the goods to ensure their efficient delivery.


If a customer wanted an important document delivered to the other side of town during the same day, the courier company would employ a motorbike rider or cyclist to get the document there as quickly as possible.


Most large firms employ couriers on an account basis. This enables them to send large amounts of data and packages on an ad hoc basis. Often the courier will collect the item and it will be stored at a depot until dispatch.


International services are available for shipments going overseas. If there is no time constraint, the parcel will often travel by sea freight to get to its destination. In the USA some courier firms such as federal express have their own aircraft fleet especially for deliveries.


Most couriers offer a by road service which is often less costly that the by air or sea service and will charge considerably less for this. Couriers provide an essential service for businesses and the individual alike as the postal service has become increasingly un- reliable.


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