Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Corporate Entertainment-

UK Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Guide

To celebrate an achievement in a company or a holiday, a company might host a party or event which employees and/or clients are invited to attend. This is known as corporate entertainment.


These events can be for Christmas parties, private concerts or corporate retreats where a new business strategy is released and implemented.


Professional companies can arrange corporate entertainment. These are known as corporate event planners or corporate booking agencies.


Corporate entertainment can be as simple as an arranged dinner for 10 clients or as lavish as a week in Thailand to discuss a business partnership. Larger companies will have a more substantial budget for corporate entertainment and may do more to woo clients or reward employees.


Corporate entertainment can take on many forms but will usually revolve around a theme and have an itinerary for participants.


Teambuilding corporate events are currently popular as employees have a change to work together and get creative outside the office setting. This type of corporate entertainment encourages teamwork. More bizarre corporate entertainment events include: treasure hunts, team drumming experience, James Bond themed parties and Casino nights.


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