Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Computer Security-

UK Computer Security Guide

In actual fact, the average computer is not really very vulnerable to many risks unless it is networked to other computers.


The concept of computer security has therefore been extended to the networked use of computers. The biggest network, of course, is the internet.


Technically speaking, the three main areas of computer security are confidentiality, integrity, and authentication (or availability) - known as CIA.


Confidentiality means secrecy and privacy. Any information on the computer should remain private and not be be accessed by unauthorised parties.


Integrity means that information on the computer should protected against unauthorised modifications that may not be detected by the legitimate users.


Authentication means that users of the computer are who they claim to be.


Availability means that the computer is accessible by authorised users. A popular form of hacking called a "denial of service" attack detrimentally affects the availability of a networked computer.


Below is a featured list of computer security firms operating in the UK: