Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Computer Repair-

UK Computer Repair Guide

When a computer is not turning on or off or rebooting correctly, it likely needs to be repaired. Computer repair includes trouble shooting the problem, diagnosing the problem and fixing the computer so it performs normally. Computer repair can be costly if the problem is not an easy adjustment.


Computers are difficult to repair because of their intricate inner workings so most people take their computers to a repair person or contact the computer company’s support centre for help.


A computer repair technician will be specifically trained to repair and maintain computers. Universities and technical schools offer certificate and degree programs for technicians who want to begin their own practice fixing computers.


Computer owners should conduct research or heed recommendations before selecting a computer repair technician.


During a computer repair a technician can do something as simple as reversing or changing certain settings or uninstalling and reinstalling software. Another form of computer repair is known as a ‘restore’ where the technician will install the computers operating system to another hard drive.


When troubleshooting a computer’s problems, a technician may also look at and troubleshoot a computer’s hardware devices including keyboards, mice, scanners, printers and speakers.