Thu, 19 Oct, 2017


Computer Hardware-

UK Computer Hardware Guide

Computer hardware is different to computer software. It is the actual part of a computer which includes the digital circuits. Computer hardware is rarely changed as it is not ‘soft’ and cannot usually be modified or erased.


Computer software runs inside the computer hardware and allows a computer to perform functions and run programmes such as Microsoft Word.


Read-only memory (ROM) is an example of a computer hardware device.


Most computer users will not see the computer hardware since it is located inside the shell of the computer. There is normally no reason to access the hardware unless the computer is malfunctioning severly.


Typical parts of computer hardware include: the motherboard, power supply, storage controllers, video display controllers and internal storage.


Personal computers are not the only electronics that operate using computer hardware. Compact disc players, microwave ovens and cars are assisted by computer hardware embedded in their systems.


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