Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Catering Guide

Catering is a business which provides food at a venue for a small group of people or a large party.


There are different types of catering including mobile catering and event catering. Mobile catering involves the transportation of food and or drinks on a cart at an outdoor venue such as a concert. Event catering is the provision of food and drinks at an occasion such as a wedding or funeral.


Catering can include the use of a theme for events and parties. Caterers will often work within a colour scheme or provide specific food which revolves around a certain type of theme such as country western.


Depending on the size of the party, caterers can charge a one-off fee or charge per person for their services.


Full service catering can include the set up of tables, table service, clean up and break down of tables. Catering companies also often provide their own linens, plates, glasses and cutlery for use at events.


Caterers offer clients a contract outlining the terms of their services and what can be expected on the day of an event. This will include a quote of price per person and detail the menu and any special requests the clients might have.