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Carpet Services-

UK Carpet Services Guide - Carpeting Companies

Carpets are a form of floor covering often used to create warmth or durability in a home or place of business.


Carpets come in a rainbow of colours, prices and quality. Higher quality carpets will cost more and should often be fitted with a carpet pad underneath the carpet for comfort.


Some consumers decide to select stain-free carpeting which allows a spill to be quickly cleaned up without leaving a stain. This type of carpets is more expensive but will last longer and remain mostly stain-free.


Carpets can be made out of many materials such as wool, felted textile and even grass. The term carpet is also used to describe a wall covering.


Carpets were not typically used on floors in European interiors until the 18th century but are now used to add warmth and decoration to a room. The use of Persian rugs for decoration in many homes is also a sign of wealth and distinction because of the rich material and skill used in the creation.


Carpeting is also a more affordable flooring choice compared to wooden floorboards or marble. Carpets can also easy be installed by professional workmen and the carpeting of an entire house may only take 2 days.


Carpet care tips:


* Regularly move your furniture around so traffic areas are altered.

* All entrances should have doormats.

* Always vacuum your carpets regularly and make sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter

* Act quickly as soon as your carpet gets spills and spots

* If your carpet is at home, ask people to remove their shoes at the door

* Keep kitchen areas clean as oil and grease is tracked onto the carpets

* Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year