Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Career Planning-

UK Career Planning Guide

Career planning is the process of mapping our oneís career to achieve certain goals in a certain time frame. Career planning can begin as early as grade school for some children with the choice of certain schools which will lead them to earn the degree needed for their career choice.


Career counsellors, agents and consultants help with career planning. They will work with a client to determine the personís long term career goals and then decide on a process to help the client realise his dreams.


Career planners may offer advice to clients such as gaining more experience in a certain aspect of the career and may even suggest that the client returns to school for a more specified degree.


Recruitment agencies can also help a client know which path to take to plan his career. These agencies work closely with companies who are looking for individuals to fill specific roles. Often the company will want someone with a certain education and career path. Recruitment agencies can help pass this information on to the client who is planning his career path.


Agents who assist with career planning may also evaluate the clientís work over a yearís time and offer suggestions on how to improve on skills.