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UK Car Check Guide


Are you about to purchase a used vehicle? Are you completely sure that the vendor has told you the entire truth about the history of the car, truck, motorbike or van?


Do you really know whether it has been stolen? Could the vehicle have been written off at some point? Has it been imported or exported? Has there been a change of number plate? Was it used before it was first registered?


Get an instant vehicle check and find out now...

Access the latest UK Vehicle database that checks all UK registered vehicles for correct make and model, information from the Police National Computer (PNC) for stolen, the Association of British Insurers for previous accident damage including all categories, the number of former keepers/owners, plate changes, import/export etc etc. The mycarcheck data check also checks the chassis number (VIN) online quickly and instantly.

With mycarcheck vehicle checking on-line is simple…

They provide a vehicle history check service, with a printout instantly available and give customers confidence in the fact that as a group they have already supplied over 1 million vehicle id checks in the last 12 months. The current on-line introductory price is only £4.95.

The following Vehicle History Report Checklist contains just some of the information provided in a mycarcheck vehicle history report:

1. Has the vehicle been stolen? mycarcheck has daily information supplied by the Police from the PNC.
2. Chassis or VIN confirmation and the number of former keepers? Mycarcheck Vehicle History Check will provide this data.
3. Registration and number plate changes? Mycarcheck will reveal if this has occurred.
4. Has it been accident damaged, written off, stolen and recovered, scrapped or a total insurance loss? mycarcheck, the UK’s Vehicle History Check Service will provide this information for £4.95 on-line now.

Enter your registration number in the box at the top of this page. The basic make/model check is free before you even begin.

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The most up-to-date and cheapest car registration check available on the web that includes the ABI (Association of British Insurers) accidental damage register, a police check for stolen cars, and the DVLA.

For only £4.95 inc VAT, you get a full check for:

  • Whether the vehicle has been stolen or subject of other police interest
  • Whether the vehicle has ever been written off
  • Whether the vehicle has had recorded accidental damage
  • Whether the vehicle has been recorded as scrapped by the DVLA
  • Former Keepers
  • Plate Transfers
  • Make and Model
  • Full VIN and Chassis Check
  • Engine No. and engine Size
  • Imported or Exported
  • Colour
  • Colour Changes
  • Date 1st Registered

Results of the vehicle check are displayed immediately. You also receive a free printable certificate by email which will give you black and white proof that a vehicle check has been carried out.