Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Business Travel Guide

Here are some business travel tips to save you money:


1. Travel agents receive commission from hotels, car rental companies, tour operators and cruise lines. Don't forget this fact, as it means you always have price bargaining power, even if not always on the airfare.


2. You can get some great business travel deals at the last minute. There are always planes and hotels under 100% occupancy. This simple fact means there are deals to be had.


3. Don't automatically take out car rental insurance. Why? Because most likely you are already insured! Check your regular car insurance policy. Also check your Visa / Mastercard / Amex terms.


4. Use the internet AND your business travel agent to look for tickets. There are many examples of travel agents being able to beat internet prices.


5. Watch where you book your hotel room. Sometimes cheap internet sites are allocated the worst rooms in the hotel. Booking directly from the hotel is often the only way to get the room you want. And the more often you book at a hotel, the better you will be treated by them. Regular customers often get cheaper and better deals.