Mon, 11 Dec, 2017



UK Business Mobile Phones Guide

Mobile phones are an essential part of today’s world and business mobile phones can greatly improve the efficiency of your company without costing you the earth. Many providers now offer a range of deals suitable for every business need, whether you are a sole trader or a small company with a limited budget right up to corporate packages.


You can choose to have multiple handsets, with minutes shared across all users (and free calls between you and your colleagues’ business mobiles), and all the latest accessories such as BlackBerrys and datacards.


Investing in a few business mobile phones for your company makes you and your employees accessible to customers and clients throughout the working day regardless of whether you are in the office. It can save you valuable time, regaining the hours often wasted travelling to meetings, etc. and keeps you up to date with any developments or problems as soon as they occur. So many issues can often be solved quickly and easily just by getting in contact with the right person, and with today’s technology you can even check your emails or your diary on the move.


A business mobile also separates out your work and personal life. By having a phone specifically for business use you avoid having to use up valuable minutes making work-related calls on your personal mobile. For added convenience, some networks offer dual lines where you can have two separate accounts for business and personal calls from the same handset – this can also be useful if you are worried about employees making personal calls on their business mobile phones!


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