Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Business Blogs-

Business Blogs

A business blog is a blog developed by a company to serve a laundry list of purposes. It is an online journal where information is passed to readers in the form of comment, news, lists, pictures and videos. 'Blog' is also used as a verb describing the act of updating a blog by adding content.


Businesses use blogs to keep consumers informed, to attract clients to a website or product or to give news about a certain industry.


A business blog is run by a content manager or writer (no longer the domain of the web or IT manager) who pays close attention to the function and goal of the blog and updates the blog regularly. Successful blogs provide a chance for users to interact.


Blog interaction comes in the form of comments from users and the chance to answer comments from other users. Business bloggers can also give users the chance to embed video onto another site which helps advertise or promote the company’s agenda.


Business blogs can provide advice to consumers about certain issues. Steve Bee, head of pensions strategy at the Royal London Group runs Beehive, a popular blog on behalf of his company about pension strategies.
An excellent example of a consumerist action blog is Bizsale run a useful blog for people looking to buy or sell a small business. News blogs are a useful way to either attract traffic to another website or direct traffic through to a revenue-producing section of a site. Check Car Insurance Blog and the Mobile News blog for examples.


Running a blog takes a deal of commitment. It is advisable for businesses owners not to waste time and money setting one up for their business unless they are prepared to carry it on. A seldom-updated blog is nigh worthless. Fact: over 90% of all new blogs are abandoned within the first three months.


If business owners do not have the time nor writing ability, they should consider contracting the updates out to a third party organisation ( i.e. Newsvend ). They will do everything, if required, from setting up the blog, linking it to the company's web site, to writing and updating the blog. Of course the business owner or his PR agency should regularly communicate company and product news to the blog writing agency.