Mon, 11 Dec, 2017


Air Conditioning-

UK Air Conditioning Guide

Air conditioning is a way of providing fresh, clean air to an area at a controlled temperature and humidity. The term usually describes a refrigeration system designed to cool the air within an enclosed space, whether it is a car, office or home.



An air conditioner transfers heat from the inside of a building, where it is not wanted, to the outside. The warm humid air is drawn from the room through a filter (which removes pollen, dust and other pollutants from the air) and over the cooling coil which is part of a closed system of piping. Refrigerant fluid in the system absorbs the excess heat and is pumped through to an outside coil. A fan blows outside air over the hot coil, transferring heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. Because the heat is removed from the indoor air, the indoor area is cooled.


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